Why Men Choose Dominican Women


Men across the world, but especially throughout Western culture have a special interest in women from the Dominican Republic, for a variety of reasons, with the biggest of course being the cultural difference. Dominican women are natural beauties, with beautiful round booty’s, and a whole lot to adore both in the face, and above the waist.

But in all seriousness, the DR is a great place to date women and “court” for your prospective future wife, considering its proximity to the United States, and even Canada. Let’s review some other fantastic cultural traits about women from the DR and why dating or even marrying one might be the perfect idea for you!

Humble in the Heart

Women, including those from the United States, might often claim ‘humility’, (or even “low maintenance) and perhaps they are humble in their very own ways—in which we or others may very well not agree with.

However, in the case of a country like the Dominican Republic, a predominantly second to third world country, you cannot refute the likelihood of humble-like personalities due to the environment, culture, government, education, and medical system.

For many people living outside of the major cities or tourist attraction towns of DR, such as Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Playa Dorada, or La Romana, many of these people are relying—realistically—on perhaps a 30lb bag of rice per month to eat and survive off of, if not less.

So while your American or Canadian, or even European girlfriend might tell you she’s ‘humble’ (sorry ladies), those $200 Uggs she’s begging or demanding from you for Christmas is more than enough to feed approximately 15 families, or pay the rent for at least 10 in most places throughout the Dominican Republic.

Look, we don’t have anything against Western and European women. We’re just simply stating the facts, and some people, especially the women that may read this, may not like that—but it’s true, speaking both from experience, as well as feedback from hundreds of thousands if not millions of Western tourists that regularly visit places like DR to find their future girlfriend or wife—including the same type of foreigner or Western men that travel as far as Russia to seek out a well or differently ‘cultured’ woman—ouch, but DR is so much cheaper and closer to travel to, and not so cold!

Perhaps for some women, and people in general, defining ‘humble’ will vary, but for those—including women—from the DR, these women are humble by nature because they are happy with what they have, not contemplating or requesting things that they don’t.


Sensual in So Many Ways

 Men love Dominican women not only for their gorgeous faces and bodies—a mixture of Latina and Ebony—but also because of their sexy hips and the ways they rock their bodies back and forth. Dominican women love to dance, from Salsa to Bachata, all the way to of course Merengue!

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do these dances, most Dominican women would love to teach you, enjoy the experience, ‘being in control’, and will make it a point to be both very physical and affectionate all along the way.

Dominican women take great pride in dancing, as it’s a huge part of their culture, similarly to why they love music—their music. With that being said, Dominican women are not only proud of their culture, but this means that they are unlikely to do a 180 should you decide to marry or get serious with one and bring her back to the United States or wherever you originate from—phew!

Lastly, and we know you were waiting for it, Dominican women express themselves very freely, are exotic to look at, and are sensually seductive sexually as well as emotionally both on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Dominicans, luckily for us, are very feminine and therefore take great pride in their appearance, diet, and fitness—and love to show off! 

Simplicity and Family Life

As mentioned earlier, Dominican women are typically very simplicit, are not materialistic, and require very little to be happy or satisfied other than genuine love, affection, respect, romance, and a family.

A great example of this is how they prioritize their spending, which by the way Dominican women are not afraid to work and earn their own money—and love the idea of being independent in the sense of pursuing their own education and contributing financially to both the family you make and theirs back home.

Everything, as you’ll notice, in the Dominican Republic is far cheaper than what we’re typically used to, and that includes food, as well as education. Thanks to this, it will be much more practical, should you feel inclined, to help support, show love and motivate your new Dominican wife and her family not only financially, but also physically—as it’s both cheap and very practical to move around the DR without much trouble or expenses.

Don’t worry gentlemen, barring your Dominican lover is not “Americanized”, she will not choose Gucci over Macy’s, and will still pick the corner store over Maggiano’s restaurant.

Dominican women are modest, and because of this, most Western men drool at the idea of having such a love in their life. They are extremely loyal by nature, and will never leave your side.

So get out there, practice and touch up on your Spanish, and don’t be afraid to visit the DR more than once! Safe travels!