How to Date and Love Your Argentine Woman: 10 Tips

Argentine women are like no other woman you’ll ever meet. They are passionate, loving, very feminine, and can also be pretty wild. Although don’t fret, because no one Argentine woman is the same.

Women from Argentina are unique, extremely patriotic, love sports, going out to have a good time, and enjoying life accompanied by a sincerely positive attitude.

So, if you’re interested in dating or possibly marrying an Argentine woman, then read these must-know 10 Tips to seal the deal!

1. Argentine women, much like Columbian and other Latina women, have a tendency to frequently cancel dates – especially if it’s your first one together.

However, try not to take offense to this or become frustrated. By no means is every Argentine woman “high maintenance”, but they can be relatively demanding – and this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Instead, demonstrate the necessary level of patience to your Argentine date (or girlfriend), and make other plans just in case.

Simply put, just brush it off, and move forward. While some are by nature, seemingly flakey on an account of culture, this is not always the case, so be mindful of the personality of the women you talk to or date.

2. In Argentina, it is not uncommon for men and women to eat dinner as late as 10PM, so this is something you will also have to become acclimated to – ideally starting with your sleep schedule.

Though, not without reason, many young, sexy, and single beautiful Argentine women simply enjoy their Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights thoroughly which often involves late nights – which would partially explain this trend.

Also, Argentines – and Latina women in general – are known to be very hard workers, often working longer shifts than you might be used to, which means they eat and celebrate later into the night.

3. Going off the last tip, try to make a habit of arriving at dates or “meets” fashionably late, or, just make plans to do other activities, explore, or even meet new people while you await your date.

Just be mindful, and don’t flirt too much with other women, or you might ruin your chances when she sneaks up behind you or hears about this from someone else – think: small and close knit communities.

4. Personal Displays of Affection – or PDA – is actually quite normal in Argentina, so holding hands, kissing, and hugging in public is typical.

Just don’t be overly aggressive or too pushy. Be respectful, and try to read her body language – and of course what she’s actually saying.

Also, if she’s very close to you when speaking, smiling a lot, playing with her hair, and giving you her undivided attention, then chances are you’re on the right path.

5. In Argentina, they have what’s called a “telo” or pay by the hour hotel. In other Latin countries, you may have experienced and heard of “the push”, which is similar in nature. These serve more or less as a place to get close and personal with your date or lover.

But, just keep in mind that it’s not unheard of for Argentines in their 20’s to sometimes go to a “telo” to drink, party, and have fun – so don’t automatically assume. As you’ll also notice, most Argentines in their 20’s or even early 30’s still live with their families, so for the sake of privacy and fewer rules, a “”telo” is often the solution.

And while no one is encouraging you to invite your date or girlfriend to the “telo”, if things are warming up, then it beats doing it in the park, or somewhere else less personable or romantic if you don’t have your own place – and can’t go to hers.

6. Something else important to keep in mind when dating, or getting serious with your Argentine girlfriend is that they absolutely LOVE drama – we know, it sounds bad. But really, it’s not, and if you have experience with dating Latina women – especially Columbian – then you know what we’re talking about.

Half the time any of the “arguments” you might be having with your Argentine lover you can’t even recall the reasoning for. And remember, there are far more advantages than disadvantages to Latina women in comparison to those you might be used to dating – such as American women.

Latina women are sexy, much more feminine, loyal, classy, and they know how to have a good time. They manage to be both fun and adventurous, yet still, maintain a relatively conservative lifestyle, and aren’t afraid to settle down with the right man when the time comes.

7. Argentine women, in general, are very forgiving, optimistic, and love life. They have a certain appreciation for and desire to maximize their opportunities and experiences. So, if you like to adventure, meet new people, see new things, or learn about new cultures then chances are having an Argentine woman by your side would be your best bet.

Argentine women are typically quite intellectual, educated, and are very savvy about sports (“futbol” in particular), and also politics. For your sake, though, because you’re a foreigner, even if you think you know what you’re talking about, avoid discussing her nation’s politics at all costs. Just brush it off, and remain neutral – we promise any other route will most likely not end well.

8. Argentine women are great because they always keep you on your feet, will not be “easy” in most cases, and although they enjoy having a good time they’re actually quite family-oriented.

And keep in mind, while meeting new people and dating women in Argentina that more than likely you’ll find women of lighter or “fair” skin to be more difficult to date or impress, while those of darker skin will likely be more interested in you, and willing to entertain your flirtatious antics, or efforts to “sweep her off her feet”.

Case in point, we all have to start somewhere, and for whichever or both your preference might be, you can’t go wrong as a foreigner visiting – just be respectful, passionate, and patient.

9. Often, you’ll find as you go out to parties, clubs, bars, and even “low key” places like cafés that Argentine women will play ‘the game’.

This is likely because most Argentine men are not only very romantic and frequently use their “suave” moves on them, but also because there’s a great share of “macho” men and they always treat the women very good with a certain level of confidence and persistence.

But, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to swoop in, and stand out from the crowd as a man, or potential soul mate for one of the many, stunning Argentine women out there.

Also, a piece of advice for going out and about to meet new people and women, try to avoid the “most popular” clubs and venues, as you’ll learn sooner than later that these are most frequented by “upper class” women, and other foreigners – which can get really boring after a while.

After all, did you travel to Argentina to meet women with similar attitudes and personalities as American women, or to find yourself the Latina woman of your dreams?

10. Finally, you’ll find that frequenting more “local” cafes, businesses, or small bars is likely your best bet for finding a woman that hasn’t yet been tainted’ by American influence, culture, and lifestyle.

These women are also often more exotic, and the further you move away from the city, the more likely you are to meet women and people like this.

Just keep in mind, in the case of applying this strategy it’s ideal to brush up on your Spanish a bit, or at least know basic phrases and words – as not every Argentine woman is going to fluently speak English.

Extra Tip: If you’re really looking to meet beautiful, single, and intelligent Argentine women then consider visiting Cordoba, Argentina as the university students and women there are fabulous, energetic, sexy, and the male to female ratio is unbelievably in your favor.