Dating Brazilian Girls

bootylicious brazilian girlDating in Brazil is a little different than in other countries. There are a lot of things you will recognize from your own culture and a few new things. One of the interesting distinctions is Brazilian people dont really do group dating. Its generally one-on-one because they dont think its fun to date in groups.

Later on in your relationship you may often go out with other couples to events but in the beginning its almost always one-on-one. Brazilian culture is very open and relaxed, however this can be a little deceptive if you dont understand how the culture works entirely.

Its very easy for someone in Brazil to say I love you very quickly. Things such as holding onto someones waist, kissing, and general closeness is a normal part of everyday life. Brazil is a country where flirting is as common and as easy as breathing. You can be in someones arms one night and never see each other again the next.

Its also important that you understand there are some negative images about foreigners in Brazil. Mainly that foreigners are just there to take advantage of the country. This is understandable when you take into account the history of Latin America and the number of people who go there for sex tourism.

As such, you should keep this in mind when dating a Brazilian girl. Dont allow yourself to get near the image of a guy who is just there to screw their country. In the beginning its best if you are very polite, nice and a happy guy who is as far away from the prostitute hiring “john” image that Brazilians have of some foreigners.

Its a legitimate stereotype as there are many foreigners who do sleep with a lot of prostitutes and do take advantage of the country. The best way to overcome this is to just be honest that your interested in dating her and take it easy while she gets to know you and what your intentions are with her.

Its also important to know you should dress well and look good if you want to have success with a Brazilian girl. Brazilian culture places a lot of emphasis on appearance, which is why you see so many beautiful girls. This goes the same for guys and your going to be expected to look good if you want to be her boyfriend. Buying good clothes, having a decent haircut, and staying in shape along with good hygiene will take you very far in appearance.

There are some other things you should note about dating Brazilian girls:

  • Its okay to kiss her quickly, 15-20 minutes out on a date and you can kiss her, kissing is very normal and easy going in Brazil
  • You can call her and not seem desperate. In western countries you often have to wait a few days to call, this is really unnessecary in Brazil.
  • Keep your dates simple and low cost. Going out to a bar, party, beach, are all very good choices.
  • Relax, Brazil is all about taking it easy and enjoying life. Dont try to hard.

Follow these tips and meet a nice Brazilian girl. Take her out, relax, show her your a good guy, have fun together and who knows one day you may end up marrying her! You never know where life takes you but no matter what you should have a great time dating Brazilian girls.