5 Must Know Tips for Dating Colombian Women

For any man that’s looking to travel to Latin America to meet sexy, single, and fun women Columbia just makes sense. And, for many men that are just simply wanting to travel the world in search for the perfect, hot, loving, and passionate woman they too often wind up with a Colombian or Latina woman.

While sure, Colombian women are not the easiest to get a date with, they are extremely sexy, adventurous, and typically will be upfront about what they want. And, as if this wasn’t enough, Colombian women absolutely love – if not dream – of a foreigner man coming and sweeping her off her feet.

These 5 Must-Know Tips for Dating Colombian Women are sure to set you up for success, and if not anything help you better understand Latino culture and what it takes to connect with one of these stunning, optimistic, and outgoing beauties.

So, if you’re confident that you either have the skills or are ambitious enough to learn what it takes to land the Columbia woman of your dreams – read on!

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1. Communication and Defining What You Want

Like most relationships, you’re more than likely to discover that communication plays a major role with not only your success in dating Colombian women, but, also the type of Colombian women you’re most likely to attract.

Also, if you’re into dating and potentially “courting” a Colombian woman, then do not be afraid to express this, be confident, and be certain of yourself – as this is also very attractive to Colombian women.

2. Knowing What a Colombian Girl Can Offer You

Much like the first point, it’s crucial that you spend the necessary time researching in advance and taking your time getting your ‘feet wet’ once you touchdown in Columbia to ensure you not only learn the culture – but also the language (further discussed below). Doing so will help you most realistically appreciate and predict what your Colombian date or girlfriend might be looking for in a man, and also most realistically able to offer you in return.

For example, Colombian women are known to be extremely jealous – and even aggressive in some cases. So, these are things you must familiarize yourself with, and be aware of before diving into any serious relationship.

3. Learning the Culture through Language

This should be a no-brainer, but taking the time to study, practice, or learn Spanish either before or during your stay in Columbia can and most likely will make all the difference in how successful you are in dating.

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Once you begin learning Spanish you’ll also find yourself more deeply understanding the culture, why language is used the way it is – and also the importance of body language. This is because Latinas are very well known for their physical affection, passion, and comfort with body-contact regularly – between both friends and their man.

Also, speaking Spanish will increase your desirability and earn you major points with any Colombian girl you find yourself dating. Even better, speaking Spanish should also help you to manage to get around more – and easier – throughout Columbia so you can learn and experience all that it has to offer.

4. All about the Religion?

Catholicism remains the primary religion across Columbia. Therefore, this is something you should prepare yourself for, respect, and if possible even learn a little about. While it isn’t necessarily required for you to learn about this religion – and nobody is asking you to change yours – it could help you to better understand both the culture and the women. This can be especially true for any man “courting” to marry a Colombian woman.

So, should you find yourself a nice, Catholic Colombian girl then chances are you’ll also get to see – and enjoy – the ‘traditional’ side of Colombians, and why so many men travel to and happily marry Colombian women.

It is worth noting that most if not all Colombians take great pride in their religion, so should this be an issue for you or something you are not comfortable with then it might be best to look elsewhere.

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Needless to say, there is a great catholic history of Columbia, and familiarizing yourself with the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of things is always helpful.

5. Presentation and Grooming

Last but not least, and a lot of men overlook this, but the truth is presentation is everything. And, while it should be no surprise that Columbia – in general – outside of rainy season is an extremely hot country, this means that good hygiene is a must.

On the bright side, Colombian women are typically very well aware of, and cater properly to their own hygiene – and therefore expect you to do the same.

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Colombian women have been raised to – and for good reason – will judge a man by first impressions based on the way he presents himself, and how well he is groomed. Clean shaven is highly desirable, but clean nails, shoes, and teeth are a must. Besides, wouldn’t you want your Colombian date or woman likewise always striving to look her best?

Remember, Colombian women are very welcoming, proud of their country, and given the ratio of gorgeous women to men the odds are hands down in your favor. Best of all, Columbia is likely one of the few remaining hidden gems in Latin America due to common misconceptions or stereotypes about safety and dating here – just remember to keep an open mind and do your research ahead of time, and we’re confident you’ll do just fine!